Thursday, October 21, 2010

Web Studio 5

Web Studio 5 is the topic of conversation a program made so that almost anyone can use it, from seasoned code writers to your average person who knows a little bit about designing websites. This new edition of Web Studio comes with your standard features from object browser to customizable templates. Customer support is outstanding when running in to a problem if any. This program has the luxury of making template design very easy. However the skill setting need to take full advantage of this program needs to be a little bit above average. So those who sort of know what they’re doing when it comes to designing websites can reap the benefits. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rapid Weaver 4.1

            Realmac Rapid Weaver 4.1 is for people who find Adobes Dreamweaver program to complicated for use. Rapid Weaver still uses css just like Dreamweaver; it also integrates with Apple I photo. Also the Rapid Weaver only costs $80.00while Adobes Dreamweaver is $288.00. With Rapid Weaver you can easily publish podcasts, videos without learning any code. Its interface is clean, colorful and easy to use. Also integrating flash or some kind of photo gallery couldn’t be easier.